For those who have very recently acquired knowledge of what is “cryptocurrency” and those who are new to invest in the cryptocurrency, understanding the “blockchain” would be difficult and, at the same time, quite confusing as well as time consuming. However, as the name suggests, “blockchain” consists of various blocks in which each block contains various transactional data. This data is in digital form and is a distributed database which is simultaneously available in multiple computer belonging to individuals and companies all over the world.

Best 5 Blockchain Books

The data is carefully saved in the digital form by applying complex computer programming languages in order for it to be available to only those who are owners of crypto assets and requires a specialized cryptographic key for accessing the data. Blockchain is a technology that supports and provides the much-needed fuel to power up the cryptocurrency and that too without any centralized control from any intermediaries such as banks and governmental authorities which impose certain charges with regard to completion of a transaction.

The Little about the future of the Blockchain

Many experts and analysts believe that the use of blockchain technology is not only limited to support cryptocurrency and instead it is one of a system of its kind which can be used for multiple purposes so as to provide more meaningful and efficient ways of doing business to its users. It is no myth that from its initial days, with the birth of Bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency, today blockchain technology has become more advanced and expanded to a much larger extent.

Even with some knowledge, one should not be able to understand the blockchain system completely in its true sense and will be unable to understand the potential of blockchain technology which could in return benefit him a lot. There are many books available in the market which provide comprehensive learning and understanding of the blockchain system. Let us have a look at 5 of the best blockchain books which can be tremendously beneficial for a reader to understand the system.

1.    Blockchain Basics

This one is among the best blockchain books. Blockchain Basics is a book written by one Daniel Drescher hailing of Germany. The writer himself is an experienced banker who has held positions in the field of electronic security trading over the years with many financial institutions. In his book he has been successfully able to provide the readers a much easy learning of the blockchain system. The book promises to provide non-technical ways and means of learning the blockchain system in 25 simple steps. Among the people this book is very popular because of number of number of qualities and features as are contained in this book. If you wish to learn more about the blockchain system, then this book is a must have which can offer you much deeper understanding of the system in a very simple way and, at the same time, will work as a beginners guide for a novice.


2.    Blockchain Revolution

Second on the list of blockchain books, the Blockchain Revolution is another famous book on the subject written by a team of father and son, Don and Alex Tapscott. The idea behind the book was to make people aware and explain to them about the impact of cryptocurrencies. The book has been able to able to successfully provide the reader a better understanding of the blockchain system, its importance and talks about the future scope of the blockchain system. According to them, the blockchain technology will drastically change our traditional modes and methods of doing business which will altogether improve the transparency and ensure safety of personal identity information. For the beginners this book is a must read because it easily portrays the difference between the cryptocurrency and blockchain and discusses the importance of blockchain.


3.    The Book of Satoshi

Many of us will be aware of the name “Satoshi”. This is the name being used by pseudonymous person (or may be persons) who have invented and launched the first ever cryptocurrency called the “Bitcoin” alongwith the blockchain system. It is written by Phil Champagne, who is the Managing Director of Wren Investment Group LLC and contains pieces of exhaustive writing and materials of Satoshi posted online. In the book, under the posts of Satoshi, the author has provided his own commentary on the subject in an attempt to apprise the readers how Bitcoin came into being and what makes the blockchain system so unique. Again this is a very beneficial book which can provide in-depth learning of cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology.

4.    Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

At number 4 is the book titled “Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain” which is written by a famous bitcoin and blockchain skeptic namely David Gerad who has done a great job in highlighting the challenges facing the digital currency industry through a contrarian view. Apart from discussing Bitcoin and Blockchain, this book also covers Ethereum, another very famous cryptocurrency, and the features of smart contracts. Anyone who is excited about the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain, should read this book because the book mirrors the other side of the story in an attempt to educate the reader to form a well-rounded opinion with regard to the technology of blockchain.

5.    The Blockchain Developer

Written by Elad Elrom, who is a coder, technical lead and a technical writer. This book is unique from other books and gives a general perspective of the blockchain system through the eyes of developers and can be used as a practical guide for developers for designing and publishing blockchain based projects. It is an excellent read for those who want to gain more knowledge and education on the subjects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

End thoughts

It is a fact that many of the financial institutions around the world including mega corporations are forced to think that they should adopt blockchain technology into their traditional day to day practices and procedures. There is no argument that the future belongs to this unique technology which has drastically changed the course of our traditional way of conducting transactions. To harvest the future it is therefore important that one should gain knowledge and education from the blockchain books listed above.

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